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Saturday, December 31, 2011

[Meme] TBR Intervention Week #11

The TBR (To Be Read) Intervention Challenge is a weekly challenge hosted by Books4JulietWhatever You Can Sill Betray and Refracted Light.

The following information is posted on Refracted Light's blog:

The goal of this challenge is to help each other (fellow readers and bloggers) manage our enormous and constantly growing TBR (To-Be-Read) List. The rules are simple and everyone is encouraged to participate. It does not force you to commit to more than what you can manage to read in a week or so, but participants are encouraged to read at least one book within a week. You are free to choose the book you want to read and commit to this challenge. You may post your entry every Saturday, at the frequency of your choice–EVERY WEEK or EVERY TWO WEEKS. However, we will sponsor this event regularly every Saturday.

Here are the rules:

1. Post the book(s) you committed to read in your last TBR Intervention post and tell us something about it. Did you finish it? Did you enjoy it or not? Post the link to your review (if you have one).

2. Post a book that you want to read and already own. Pick something that has been sitting on your shelf for too long now (6 months or longer). Commit to read the book in the next couple of days or week.

3. Grab the TBR Intervention Button and post it on your blog sidebar so you will be constantly reminded of the challenge, making it easier for you to commit. This will also encourage other readers/bloggers/visitors to join the challenge.

4. Add the link to your post in the Linky below and make sure to visit the other blogs. Comment, encourage, and spread the love to our fellow readers.

Last Week's TBR:

I finished Blood Rights, and it was amazing! I am so glad it was a great read. I really needed that after Archon. As I suspected, with the exam studying I didn't get much reading in, but I did start Cinder. I'm not very far into it yet, but it is intriguing.

This Week's TBR:

I hope to be able to finish Cinder, but again, with the studying, I'm not guaranteeing anything. If I happen to finish that I will pick ONE of the three following books: Under The Never Sky by Veronica Rossi (since I found the release date was moved up from February to January 3rd), Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (for the Harry Potter 2012 Challenge), or The Young Black Stallion (for my Black Stallion Challenge).

These books are my goals for this week's TBR Intervention Challenge.

What are yours?


  1. Hi Gwen!
    Good luck with your books this week, they're really amazing. I really want to read Cinder, I'll be looking forward your review!

    Happy new year!

  2. I like the HP challenge. I got all of the audiobooks but I haven't had a chance to listen to them yet. Maybe this would be a good opportunity!

    Good luck with your studies as well as with your reading.


  3. I so want UNDER THE NEVER SKY. I'm looking forward to your review about this book. I heard a lot of good things about it. I really want it.

    I know that it's hard to keep up with lots of books while studying but I'm glad that you keep going. Good luck with everything! I need to catch up with my reading too, and the holiday season just didn't help hehehe...

    Happy new year to you! XOXO!

  4. I'm so glad you liked Blood Rights! The cover is great and super intriguing, but I kept wondering how it turns out, if the topic's well handled or just another take... So, congrats!

    Good luck this week! I'ver heard wonderful things about Cinder and Under the Never Sky, so I hope you enjoy your books.

    And best of lucks with your exam, too!

    Ron @ Stories of my life

  5. @Ron C. Nieto

    Thanks Ron. I actually just finished Cinder and it was pretty good! I don't think it was as awesome as most people have been saying, but that's just me, I'm a lot harder to impress it seems. Not sure if I'm ready for Under The Never Sky so I started 10 Things We Did instead for a light and humorous read.