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Thank You very much for considering Rants N Scribbles to review your book. My complete review policy is listed below. As I now mostly deal directly with publishers, these below guidelines are very strict. I will no longer be accepting and ebooks from anyone other than my publishing contacts unless I have personally requested it myself. Please do feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions, but DO NOT directly email me an ebook file. I will not read it, and emailing it to me does not grant it a review.

What I Really Like:
  • Most YA (prefer supernatural and darker stories) 
  • Horror 
  • Fantasy (especially dark fantasy) 
  • Supernatural (especially a big fan of weres and shifters) 
  • some science fiction (please email me with more details if your book is sci-fi) 
  • starting to get back into Romance novels - Recommend me something good!
Not My Cup of Tea:
  • Mystery and detective type novels 
  • Thrillers 
  • Self-published novels
I will NOT read a series out of order. If you want me to review your book, be willing to send me all novels in the series up to and including the specific title you want me to review. I will then publish a review of every book.


Please note that currently I am off work due to illness, so for a short time I am able to accept non-audio books. But that will most likely change once I return to work.

Please note that as of May 1, 2013, I will mostly only be accepting audiobooks as I now spend most of my time traveling in my vehicle for work and will not have time to "read" books at this time. I will update in the future if this changes. Thank you for your understanding.

I have a Kobo reader and the Kobo app for my cell phone. I also now have the BlueFire app which allows me to read EPUB and PDF files. However, I will no longer accept PDF files as I am unable to make the font larger, thereby making it extremely hard to read on my cell phone. Although I do accept EPUBs, physical copies will often be given preference for multiple reasons including giveaways, being able to actually hold the book in my hand (the overall experience of reading a book is very important) and the simple fact that physical books sit on my TBR shelf and constantly remind me they still need to be read.

I will accept the following:
  • Audiobooks
  • ARCs 
  • Hardcover 
  • Trade Paperback 
  • Paperback 
  • Review Copies 
All books sent to me will either be kept for myself or offered as a giveaway on my Blog (with the author's agreement).

I will always give my honest opinion when writing a review. If you can't handle that, then I'm sorry, but don't send me anything then. I will always try my best to find at least one good point in every book, but I have been known to be harsh. I will post negative reviews. If you only want me to post a review if it is positive, then don't bother sending me your book. You don't want a reviewer, you want a publicist. I will review all books I accept.

I cross-reference my reviews on Twitter and Facebook via my Networked Blogs feed, as well as Goodreads,, and Chapters Indigo which also feeds to my Chapters community account.

When the book is provided for me I will make sure to notify the readers who provided me with the book and that it in no way affects my review given.


5 Stupendous Splatters out of 5! - I loved it!

4 Super Splatters out of 5! - It was really good.

3 Satisfactory Splatters out of 5. - It was OK, but nothing special.

2 Shabby Splatters out of 5. - It had a few redeeming qualities.

1 Sloppy Splatter out of 5. - I really really didn't like it.

I try to put out reviews in the order I receive the books, although I will try to give priority to books about to be released. Generally, I will try to keep review times to 2-3 months from receipt of the book. If you have a specific deadline please include it in the inquiry and I will be honest with you regarding the possibility.

Interviews, Etc.:
I am more than happy to work with you regarding posting an Interview, Guest Post, or Blog Tour in conjunction with a review. But you might want to wait and see if I liked the book first.

Feel free to send me requests/questions to the email address below. Put e-mail subject as BOOK REVIEW REQUEST, so that I know what you're inquiring about.

gwenythlove [at] gmail[dot] com

Include in the Request:
  • Your name, title and the genre of your book. 
  • Author Website, blog, and Publisher and their website. 
  • Book summary. 
  • Publishing/Published Date. 
  • Where you need the review posted. 
  • [OPTIONAL] Book Cover, Book Trailers, etc. 
  • [OPTIONAL] What you would like included in the review (not guaranteed) – Links to Author's blog/website, Publishing website, Book Trailer, Banners, Links to Bookstores (Where to Buy) etc. 
Thank you for reading!

Editing Services:
As a former editor for a literary agency, I also provide editing services for aspiring authors. My fees are very competitive, so if you require an outside pair of eyes, send me a message and we can discuss the matter further.