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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

[Post] Entice Me Day: Meet Griffin Moore

The official Entice Me Day is September 15th. We are working our way there by introducing the cool and exciting characters daily until then...

When asked who I would like to represent from the Embrace series, I was quick to jump on Griffin Moore's team. As mentioned in my review of Embrace by Jessica Shirvington, Griffin reminds me of a younger version of Rupert Giles from the Buffy the Vampire television series. In fact, whenever I read Embrace and Entice I always picture Anthony Stewart Head as Griffin.
Griffin Moore: Grigori Leader

He lives in secrecy and has made a career out of surviving. He is in supernaturally good shape, sports an old fashioned style, and is known for his leadership, trustworthiness and goodness. Not quite the one for social graces, Griffin is the steadfast leader of the Grigori in Violet’s city. He had dedicated himself to winning the war against exiles.
For Griffin's full profile please visit the official site.

And now for a special treat!

Jessica comes to you from Sydney’s historical urban park, Centennial Park, to reveal some family secrets from the famously reticent leader.

And guess what ladies? He's single! With that in mind I just had to leave you with this image...

Click here for a neat little favorite quote quiz.

For more information on the Embrace series visit the official site and the Facebook page.

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