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Sunday, November 20, 2011

[Meme] In My Mailbox #7

Here is this week's In My Mailbox hosted by The Story Siren.

Received from Publisher for Review:

From the lovely Lindsey over at RandomHouse (who also celebrated a birthday this week) I received a copy of Inheritance, the fourth and final book in the Inheritance Cycle series by Christopher Paolini. It made my son squeal like a little girl...don't tell him I said that!

I was also super blessed to receive this package from the awesome Crystal at Raincoast Books. Not only did I receive ARC review copies of Cinder by Marissa Meyer, Tempest by Julie Cross, Switched by Amanda Hocking, and Embrace by Jessica Shirvington, but copies of Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan and The Predicteds by Christine Seifert were added as a bonus! Plus two wonderful catalogues in which to pick other future releases if I was interested in. 
I felt truly honoured to receive such a wonderful package. I can't wait to dig in!

From NetGalley for Review:

Received from Penguin US for Free Advance Galley Drawing:

Solving the Communion Enigma by Whitley Strieber, a follow up of Communion: A True Story by the same author, as well as a super cute mouse pad promoting The Internet is a Playground by David Thorne (which my son absconded with).

There were quite a few books I wanted to purchase this week...but after coming home with this many books my husband looked at me with death in his eyes when I mentioned purchasing more...maybe next week...

What did everyone else get this week? Let me know!


  1. Wow!! That is a great IMM!Cinder, Tempest, Inheritance, and Switched all in one week! So Jealous of your mailbox right now! Thanks for sharing, and I hope you enjoy all those awesome books!!

    My Mailbox

  2. Wow!! That is a great IMM!I hope you enjoy all those awesome books!!

  3. Hahaha...I believe that I know exactly what that husband "look of death" looks like. I get it a lot. ;)

    Great books this week! How lucky to have made a fabulous contact with Raincoast Books. :) I have a couple of those waiting around to be read. So many books, so little time!!

  4. I get that look more and more now that I get And yes, I was super lucky for that contact and every contact in the publishing industry that sends me books to read/review. I can't believe how blessed I am!

  5. Ooh great haul! The Predicteds sounds so good I can't wait to read it!

    Xpresso Reads

  6. I've seen Inheritance in a couple different places but i havent actually read Eragon yet, and idk if i'm going to i'm not sure if it's for me. Enjoy! Come check out my IMM!!

  7. I read Eragon and loved it. I'm not sure why I haven't read Eldest or Brsinger yet...I really should get on that!

  8. I picked up Glow this week too! Hopefully we will both enjoy it :)
    Here is my IMM

  9. Thanks Rachel. I have heard both good and bad things about Glow so it should be interesting.