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Friday, October 6, 2017

[Free Book Friday] October 6, 2017

Every Friday I will post a free Ebook that I have found somewhere out in the Internet wilds, that I myself have found interesting, and added to my reading list.

This week's free ebook is actually a complete romance series!

When a young woman finds herself thrust into another time, a life begins to unfold which she could never have imagined. As her destiny reveals itself, Gwynne begins to adapt to the idea of a life with two Alphas. But she quickly realizes that her world will be one filled with danger, passion and conflict. And she wouldn’t trade it for anything.

This is the complete Sought by the Alphas serial by Carina Wilder, five books compiled into one Boxed Set. The next in series is Seeking Her Mates.

Things that grabbed me about this series:
  • werewolves/shifters
  • time travel (Outlander anyone!)
  • the name Gwynne, because it's so close to my own name and has the magical sound to it

This collection is currently available on Kobo for free for a limited time. So hurry up and grab your set while you can! I already got mine!

Let me know if you pick it up, and if not why. What things do you look for in your books?

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